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Pranu Sarna • Menu Insight

Jun 7, 2021 12:16 PM
Helping restaurants grow their business by measuring success.

Helping restaurants grow their business by letting them measure success

Grab · Q4 2020
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Helping restaurants grow their business

How we helped single-store restaurant partners measure success of their menu items.



Period: Q3 2020, Launched in November 20'

Role: Lead product designer, Researcher

Tools: Sketch, Figma, Protopie, Tableau

Impact: 75.5% retention, Achieved 136% of target revenue.


By getting on to GrabFood, a lot of small and medium sized restaurants saw their business grow manifold. Interviewing our restaurant partners across Indonesia and Singapore revealed few challenges these restaurants were facing with the increase in their orders.


Our merchant partners faced a common problem:

Not being able to track data on how their menu items sell hampered them from making important decisions to manage and grow their business.

  • They were unable to plan which items to continue, promote or retire.
  • Managing inventory took a lot of manual effort.


We explored a plethora of options of visualising menu items data for our merchant partners so as to maximise its value to them.


Through multiple rounds of feedback and reviews it was clear that the key to success with this project would be to show the right resolution of data depending on the users circumstances. A busy store supervisor coming to the insights page to plan their inventory for the next week should not be bogged down by multi-variable graphs or tables upfront which hampers them in making an otherwise quick decision.


The following principles helped us in achieving this and eliminate options from our explorations

  1. Scan the true picture: The visualisation should tell the trends as they are without getting bogged down by a high level of accuracy when not needed.
  2. Zoom in & out: The visualisation should enable the users to glance at high level KPIs and dig deeper to the root cause of those if needed.
  3. Take actions easily: The visualisation should provide the users with affordances and context which help them in taking decisions to make their business better.


Introducing the Menu Insights tab


Item Rankings

To give a high level view of how their menu items were performing, we introduced a list of their top selling items along with indicating the change in their positions.


Item performance from all angles

To understand their menu item performace even more deeply, merchants can change the base metric from Units sold to :

  • Gross sales - which items bring in the most or least revenue.
  • Cusotmer rating - which items are the most liked or disliked by their customers.
Change the base metric to understand other aspects of item performace.
Change the base metric to understand other aspects of item performace.
Quick acess to edit or delete items. Especially useful for underperforming items.
Quick acess to edit or delete items. Especially useful for underperforming items.

Dig deeper into item performance


Create Combos

We also showcased items which were frequently bought together to our merchant partners and encouraged them to create a combo out of them. This would aid in one tap checkouts for our customers and increase conversion.

Create combos from items which are frequently bought together
Create combos from items which are frequently bought together


Item performance

After 3 months of a 100% user base roll out, we found out that 75.5% of the users who viewed the page once came back to view the page at least once more. We also went back to the previously interviewed merchant partners and the response overall was quite positive.

Combo Creation

24% of the merchant partners who viewed the insights page ended up creating at least one combo item which helped us achieve 136% of the target revenue. These two data points let us safely conclude that merchants understood and found this feature valuable to their business.


With the overly positive response for this feature we planned on how we could provide even more value to our merchant partners through it and possibly increase its monetisation for Grab. Here is what is lined up for the V2 of this feature:

1. Comparison of items with competitors' item

Our merchant partners wanted to know how their menu items performed compared to other similar restaurants. This was also a great opportunity for us to monetise the feature.


2. Setting custom duration and ability to set a comparison duration

This would help the partners in slicing and unserstanding their business even better.


3. Including the ability to create combos from the "Menu Editor" feature

Creating combos from the actual menu editor in the app was also included since it was received so well.

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