Pranu Sarna • Multi-store Menu Management

Pranu Sarna • Multi-store Menu Management


Multi-store Menu Management

Goal: Helping multi store restaurant partners edit and manage their menus efficiently.

Period: Q1 2021

Role: Lead product designer, Researcher

Impact: <WIP>


In Q4 20' we launched a solution to let our GrabFood merchants edit their menus on our merchant portal. This solution was focused at letting them create, edit, delete menu items, categories and customisations.


a graphic of what the existing solution looks like

Post Launch

The feedback from our partners was mostly postive. However, chain restaurant which operated multiple stores still had much to be desired from the product.


the shortcoming of our menu structure will be explained here

The way menu of a restaurant was structured in our back-end was not scalable for multi-store restaurant partners as it treated the same item across different stores as different entities.

Defining the problem

Due to the shortcomings in our menu structure multi-store restaurant partners (MSRPs) had to update the same change in the menu of each of their stores one by one. Since this process was lenghty and error-prone it would be offloaded to GrabFood's operations team which would be burried deep under such requests from our partners.

Understanding the multi-store restaurants


this will be a graphic of single store, multi-store, and enterprise and how they differ

In collaboration with our research and product team, I interviewed our MSRPs to uncover how they managed and edited their menus. Few common insights came up

  • The MSRP's HQ plans, edits and pushes menu changes to all stores.
  • Most stores have similar menu with few minor variations. These variations can be the availabiltiy and price of items.
  • Edits are planned in advance and scheduled to go live in 2-3 weeks.