Goal: To enable our supermarket partners to grow their business on GrabMart

Period: Q2-Q3 20'

Role and collaborators: Lead Product designer

Impact: <add>


The pandemic raged across SEA and people were stuck in their home which meant that online grocery delivery was in a bigger demand than ever. Our customer base demanded to be able to get items of everyday needs and groceries delivered to them through Grab.

This meant onboarding supermarkets and local grocery stores to the platform which in turn demanded multiple changes in our merchant facing interface in a quick turn-around time:

Additions to the menu structure


in this graphic call out the differences between the GF and GM menus.

The biggest difference between a restaurant and a grocery store is the size of their menus. An average number of unique items (actual dishes) a restaurant would have is 50 however, for grocery stores and supermarkets this number could go up to a even a 1000!

This demanded changes in how we structured and presented the menu to our partners.


graphic here to show how the menus are different. do an after/before.


show how the menu allows for easier search of items by the search function and jump between sections.

Quantifying items

For food items, people well understand the portion size they can expect. For items being sold in a grocery store we needed the quantities to be much more specific.


show how we show quantities and units in the app


also show how this works with fresh produce items

Easily add an item

Most items in supermarkets have a barcode. Merchants could now easily scan these codes and we would populate the information pulled from a 3rd party database!


add graphic here for how GTIN works

Adding multiple photos for an item

Till now for our food product we allowed only one photo to be added per item. This was a big constraint for our partners on the mart side since a lot of customers would like to reveiew an item thorougly before purchahing.


show how the single item upload works


show how multi item upload works.