Business Insights


Goal: Helping restaurants grow their business by letting them mesaure success of their menu items on GrabFood

Period: Q3 2020

Role: Product designer, Researcher

Impact: <Still to get>

The Problem

With GrabFood coming in to the picture, a lot of small and medium sized restaurants saw their business grow manifold. With this positive change came a lot of challenges for our partners as they now wanted to manage their businesses more efficiently.

Interviewing our restaurant partners across Indonesia and Malaysia revealed some pains they were specifically having with lack of data around their menu items:

  • Not being able to make informed decisions to increase the sellability of their menu items.

  • Not being able to predict stocking up raw items well.


Graphic of merchant being annoyed with both these points.

The Solution

We introduced a new screen in the app which was to cover up for the lack of data our partners were facing.

To give a high level view of how their menu items were performing, we introduced a list of their top selling items up front. Owners can also change the base metric to view to view which items are the most or least popular and which ones bring in the most or least revenue.


graphic of getting to the insights page

Tapping on item, store owners can view how their items perform over time and also during different hours of the day. We also show how a promo affects the sales of an item.


Graphic to show the insights here as well.

Scrolling down on the same screen brings up a list of items which customers generally tend to buy together. By tapping on a list item, the owners can quickly create a combo item in their menu which would allow their customers for faster checkouts.


add the whole flow here.

The Impact