Web Menu Editor


Goal: To let multi store restaurants edit and manage their menu better.

Period: Q4 20'

Role and collaborators: Lead Product Designer

Impact: <Will add here>


Understanding the multi-store restaurant

As a new product, the GrabFood merchant facing interface was targetted to the smaller shops (mom & pop shops, generally owning a single outlet) but as the platform grew, the number of multi-store restaurants on the platform grew as well. They came with their sets of needs which were marginally different than some single-store restaurants.


Make a graphic on how small restaurants and multi-store restaurants differ.

In collaboration with our research team, I lead interviews with our multi-store restaurants to uncover the gaps they were facing with GrabFood and to understand their day to day operations a little better. Few common problems emerged.

  • Better reporting of finances so they are able to reconcile faster.
  • Lengthy and error prone process of editing and updating their menus.
  • More insights in to how they perform compared to the industry standards.

In the scope of this project we decided to focus on solving the editing and updating menu for these restaurants.


The ability to perform CRUD operations on their menus was a basic need which had anticipated. Interviewing several operations managers of multiple restaurant partners, revealed some of the key insights:

  • Editing menus on a per store basis was a BIG PAIN for multi-store restaurants!


Graphic to explain what was happening.

  • Most stores across the brand had the same menu. However, certain stores especially the ones on airports and touristy parts of the city would have subtle differences.



  • Any changes to the menu were planned 2-4 weeks in advance.



The Problem

Since the menu of each store (even under the same brand ) were different entities in our back-end it meant that any change across their menu had to be repeat multiple times.

Restaurant partners refused to use this solution and would depend on Grab internal teams to update their menus. This lead to our internal teams being overburdened with requests and made the whole process error-prone.


add graphic here to explain.

The GrabFood Menu structure

The menu in the back-end was structured in a certain way. Any changes to this structure was out of the question as it would then require changes on multiple fronts of the platform which was out of the scope for this project.


Graphic to explain the menu structure.


This was a large project with numerous explorations, decisions, and refinements. Here are a few details.


show the high level solution graphic here

Editing and creating an item.



Editing the menu of multiple stores together and how it allows for subtle differences per outlet.



Scheduling the menu updates to go live



What could have been done better.

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